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THE SPEAKER: Welcome to the Tent of Meeting series. Today we're going to kick you off with some real exciting information here. We're going to talk about what the Tent of Meeting is and why on earth am I talking about Tent of Meeting? What's all that about? That's back at Moses, right? And the whole church all around us has a problem. They're not living in the power that Moses lived in. They're not living in the power Jesus told us to live in. They're not living in power. And there's a reason why. And we're going to talk about two words first.

Before I get started, let me just say this. All of my scripture references are loaded onto our web site so that you can go on there for free, print them off, load them, and go look the scriptures up yourself. And the website is www.FromTheOtherSide.Org. So go on and listen to them in sequence. Listen to them in order. Print off these scripture references because I don't spend half the night reading the Bible to you. I give them to you here. You can study this for yourself.

We're going to cover a lot of material tonight.

I've been living this all my life since age 17 because I found in the scripture where it says that this is a part of our covenant with God. And everything I found at that summer that I spent with the Lord, I chose to believe it, and so therefore God could do it. And one thing that we learn is Jesus went to that little city and could do no mighty work there because of their unbelief. And that is key to our faith. Because no matter what God premises you in the scriptures, he can promise it in every book of the bible, but if you don't believe he'll do it, he can't. That's the law of the universe. That's called faith or he can't do it. Jesus constantly said, "Faith." "Have faith. "All things are possible" -- but only one category of people. Who? "Those who believe". Remember that scripture.

Well, tonight we're going to take this in a really good direction that will cause you to get grated and to the edge of your chair because we, as the church, have been trained and taught something that is absolutely the reverse of what Jesus actually said. We're going to deal with two words tonight.

First, I'm going to give you their definition so we can appropriately apply them. One is the word K-a-i-n-o-s, Kainos. That word was used by Jesus. And its sister word is Neos, N-e-o-s. And that word was used by Titus. So we're going to study those two tonight.
The word Kainos means similar to what we guys like to do with our '64 Chevies, you know. We go back and we sandblast them, you know. We start from nose to tail and we refurbish that car, exquisite paint job, new chrome, new brakes, new tires. I mean every little thing possible to get that thing perfectly like new. And that's the word Kainos. In fact, you can even take it so far that the new is far better than it was new when it was show roomed.

I've done that on the old boat I bought. And brought it to life. Went through from the nose to the stern and replaced every doggone thing in that thing. And now they have hot water tanks that they didn't have back then. Stainless steel. They don't rust. They keep the water at 170 degrees instead of 120 so you have to use less and it lasts longer and they have all kinds of great improvements.

The Coast Guard has a new thing out several years ago, that is its own waste treatment plant. You don't need the holding tank and always dump. You got it green all the time. So I've gone through and taken that boat from being wonderful when it was brand new, it's now old and refurbished the whole thing and renewed it and regenerated it, and that's what the word Kainos means.

It does not mean brand new. You can't use the word Kainos when you come home from a car dealership with a new car. Not going to go there. It doesn't mean that.
And the word type is used, the sister word Neos means the same thing. It means regenerated, renewed, refreshed. And it has to be something that already exists. But guess what the cool thing is about Neos. The word Neos is only applicable towards you and me. People. They knew that when you spend time alone with God, your body begins to get regenerated and renewed.

I've experienced this all my life. It is a true thing. And they went through it so they came up with a word for it. It's called Neos. And you can only use that on a person like Jesus and a person like Moses. The bible says he was how old, 90 years old, and his eye was not dim. Things happen in your body when you get in the presence of God in this Tent of Meeting. It's alive and it's real, but most of the church doesn't do it. And we're going to teach you how to do it here.

So this word Neos means there's a person over there. Boy, they're really Neos. They're really renewed. They're really somebody spending some time alone with God. Look at that person. They look like they're thirty years younger than what they are. That is the word Neos and that is a true thing that happens in our bodies, you'll find out. So let's look at two scriptures where these two words are used. And then you'll know why I'm teaching on the old covenant and the Tent of Meeting.

Jesus said -- this is three scriptures all in one, Matthew 26, Mark, chapter one, and Luke 22. They're the same thing -- where Jesus said, "This cup is my blood in the new covenant".

And in another place, Hebrews says "And to Jesus", and this is Hebrews 12:24. "And to Jesus, the mediator of the new covenant". So when this happened, I don't know. But this is the greatest problem the church has ever experienced.

We have taken that, in our American understanding of the word new, you know, a new car, new ring, new bracelet, new wife, they're new. Okay. And so we say "Well Jesus came and brought a new covenant." Well, what does that mean? Well, if Jesus brought a new one, then who needs the old one? He replaced it. We're not doing the animal sacrifices. We're not going into the Tent of Meeting and doing the incense swishers and the alters and incense and doing it. We're not doing all of that any more. That's done and over with.

Well, the animal sacrifices are done and over with because Jesus has ended it all, and he is the lord of our salvation, but there's a problem with that. I have a problem and here's what it is. If you read -- we'll do this later on when we study the covenant, how God took the covenant and gave to it Abraham, passed it to Isaac, passed to it Jacob, where it still is today, and he did that and he made that covenant an ever--lasting covenant. It will never go away. He named himself by the covenant and then little Jewish Jesus shows up and said "Nope, we're doing something brand new. How's that one". Is that a problem for you? Does it make a question? A really big one? There's a problem here. That is not what happened!

Jesus said," This cup is my blood in the Kainos covenant". All of a sudden everybody at that table with him knew what that word meant. It means ah, your blood is going to renew and regenerate the covenant that he made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It's going to regenerate it, renew it, and bring it to life and do something else. We're about to see that in Joel. They all knew that. What's wrong with you and me? We're been religionized into thinking that word means completely brand new, throw the old covenant away. Not so. You can't do that.

And that leads us to a second little subchapter. Most people I have met don't know what the covenant is. They think of the covenant as animal sacrifices and all the little lamps and the swishers. No. Those were symbologies for things and meanings that we can get ahold of today.

For example, they had the incense switchers. The first thing you do when you go into the Tent of Meeting, which is the tabernacle, what do you do? You swish the incense. That's the first thing. Incense.
What does the bible say that represents? Our praises are sweet smelling, savory incenses to the nostrils of God. So that's the picture. That's the mechanical way God taught them what we're supposed to do. When Jesus brought us the grace of it, we get the revelation of what to do. Now we know what to do in the spirit. That is just one example.
Everything about the tabernacle and Tent of Meeting was pictorial for us to understand our covenant.

Let's go on. So basically what Jesus actually said was this. Listen really closely. And they all got it around the table. They got -- they understand Kainos. Jesus said "My blood renews and regenerates the Abrahamic covenant". That's exactly what he said to them. "This is my blood in the Kainos covenant".

And it's going to take a bunch of undoing in our brains. I still hear people that I share this with, and they get totally blown away with how deceived we've been and they get all into it. They still make comments, "Yeah, this new covenant we have".

It's hard to get it ungrained. But we don't have a new covenant. There is only one. One covenant. And God spent generation after generation after generation building it, and told him it would last for thousands of generations. And we're going to see how Jesus came and fulfilled the covenant. He didn't throw it away and do a different one. He fulfilled it and sealed it forever in his blood.
So let's go to Hebrews 12:24. He says, "And Jesus is the mediator of a new covenant". And guess what that word is? Neos. Now, this is interesting. Jesus was technically accurate. He knew it means regenerate and renew the old covenant or the existing covenant, but he choose Kainos, the weaker of the two words, because it could be anything. Your '64 Chevy or whatever.

I've seen some really interesting things that people have regenerated. But Neos is restricted to human beings that have gone through what they called then a change. We call it transfigured. They called it a change. You go through a regeneration. And you do. Your body does feel this. And they knew it back then.

So here -- here he uses the word in Hebrews, "Jesus is the mediator of a Neos covenant, a covenant that changes us and transforms us and renews us". Not something brand new.

Get that religious box out of your head or you will never get in a Tent of Meeting and meet God and have the cloud come down.

Joel prophesied something that Titus picked up on while Jesus made that comment at the table. Joel in 28, "And it shall come to pass -- Joel 2:28, "Afterward that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams. Young men shall see visions".
I told that to one person recently and I said, "I dream dreams and I see visions. What about that?" And he said "Well, that means you're middle aged".
See if I ask that question any more.

"You shall dream dreams and see visions. Yet even on the men servants and the maid servants in those days I will", get this, "pour out my spirit and I will get portance in the heavens and on the earth, blood, fire and columns of smoke".

When do you think this is going to happen?
Next sentence. "The sun should be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the great day and terrible day of the Lord comes".
What? This is going to happen before Jesus comes back?

Well, let's look at the terminology, symbols, likenesses, pictures, okay. The portance, which means an awesome thing to see and participate in, and it's pointing towards something great, some event, in the heavens and on the earth.

Blood. Whose blood? Jesus's blood.
And Abraham sacrificed his son. God had to sacrifice his son. That creates a blood covenant. That's what we have here.

Jesus finished it when he said "It's finished". He didn't mean his life or his mission. He meant the covenant that God made with Abraham. "It's finished". My blood drained out. "It's finished."

So the blood that's referring to is Jesus's blood. And fire. That's the manifested glory that comes down in your living room and wraps around you. It's physical. It manifests. It appears to you. That's part of the Tent of Meeting experience. It comes down. Why? Why did it come down for Moses? To consume the offerings on the alter. What does that signify? I have offerings. I go in the Tent of Meeting to offer my praise, to offer my thanksgiving, to offer my humility, to offer myself. What do those go? Where do those go? On the alter of God. And what happens? God, in all of his glory, comes down into my living room and he is consuming, like the bible says, consuming our praise. Consuming our praise.
These are all signifiers of what God's really doing.

And it gets so manifest that you can't see your walls. It gets that bright when I go through this process with God.
We'll find out how heavy the cloud gets in a minute, too.

Now, when Joel says, "I will pour out my spirit, and these portance will occur. The thick dark cloud". I didn't finish that, did I? "Blood and fire and columns of smoke". What is that? The thick dark cloud that comes down in the Tent of Meeting. It descends. We'll read that in a minute.
And that's what happens in my living room. It gets thick in there.

"The sun should be turned, blah, blah, before the day of the Lord" so that's an analogy, an allegory of the Tent of Meeting being done by you and me.
Titus picked up on that in three, verse five. "He saved us" -- now, he's talking about Jesus. "He saved us, not because of deeds done by us in righteousness, but in virtue of his own mercy".

Right now -- listen to the term. Remember, renewing, regeneration.

"With the washing of regeneration and renewal in the holy spirit".
When Jesus said "Kainos covenant, my blood", Titus hit the roof. He nailed it. He said, "That's Joel, the renewal, the pouring out of the holy spirit".
I mean, Titus got excited. Look at what he wrote. He said, "Whoa, he saved us not because of deeds we did, dude, but, hey, he saved us because of the regeneration and the renewal. The Kainos. The Neos. Got it".

And what did -- what was the renewal? The pouring out of the holy spirit.
What did Jesus say, the last thing before he left? What commandment did he give them? Tarry in the upper room. Go expect. Expect. That's tarry. Wait. Sit down and wait. Tarry is expect. Wait on the Lord. And I will send the holy spirit. And he did when they tarried. And they got the baptism of the holy spirit and tongues of fire rested upon their head. You know, when you look in a fireplace and you have all those lippy thingies of flames sticking out like that, they call it tongues, you know, the tongues of fire. That's how you appear to people who are spiritually enlightened, spiritually aware, and they see you walking down the road. They see that fire. The Bible says "The glory of the Lord has the appearance of a consuming fire". And I've had people tell me that whenever I come from a Tent of Meeting and when I do that kind of work. And I -- they know what they're seeing on me. The picture of that is in Ezekial. We'll look at that later what do you look like.

So they got full of the holy spirit. They received the tongues of fire resting on them. Remember Jesus said, "You will be empowered after you receive the holy spirit". And the third thing is they spoke in other tongues. Those three happened. And that fulfilled the prophesy of Joel. And that's why we need to tarry for those three things and get ahold of this because that's your empowerment. And it brings your covenant to life.

So going back, Jesus said, "My blood renews and regenerates the covenant of Abraham. But with one enhancement. The fullness of the holy spirit and the empowerment of the tongues of fire".

They didn't have that back then. You remember someplace in the new testament he says we have a much better covenant. Well, that doesn't mean a new one. It means that my yacht has stuff on it now that it didn't have when it was new. You know, much better.

Luke one. Let's go a little farther. You remember Jesus's mother, Mary -- all you Catholics listen up -- this is important. You have respect for this lady. So do I. She did something that we all better acknowledge real fast.

Luke 1 and 30, "The angel Gabriel said to Mary". Now, she was in a little Tent of Meeting of her own and Gabriel showed up, and they had a conversation. He didn't just say something. She asked him a question. He gave her an answer. But let's focus on this.

He said to Mary, "You will have a son. Call his name Jesus. He shall rule over the house of Jacob forever".
If you only knew those two words in the new testament, you would throw away 98 percent of what religious America has taught you about the new covenant.

Mary and Gabriel tied Jesus to Jacob. They -- Abraham got the covenant, passed it to Isaac, passed it to Jacob. And it never went anywhere else. Why? Because Emmanuel Jesus showed up and will rule us. We're called the house of Jacob, the seed of Jacob, the seed of Abraham. He will rule us forever.
And what did he finish saying? There will be no end to his kingdom.

So you have Abraham, Isaac, Jacob covenant. Jesus shows up, seals it with his blood, brings it to life, renews it, regenerates it, and will rule us in that covenant forever.
I got a lot more scriptures here. I don't think you want to challenge me about this one.
Yeah, it's going to take some undoing.
I just want to skip ahead and read this one.

Romans, chapter four, 13 through 16. He references "the promise to Abraham and his descendants", that's us, "those who share the faith of Abraham, for he is the father of us all".

So let's talk about the cloud now that we know we have to focus on the Tent of meeting. If you don't make the Tent of Meeting the core of your faith, you're not following this covenant. What Jesus died for and lives for and became your savior for.

The cloud, Exodus, chapter 40, 34 through 38. I'm just going to read through a few of these just so you get the idea, you know, of what's happening here. Then -- this is only a small amount. I mean this is half the old testament.
"Then the cloud covered the Tent of Meeting and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle".

Now, the key for you here, those of you reading King James. The King James version and several others always refer to it as the tabernacle. That is a special place that God has assigned to personally manifest himself in the natural for you. And we'll talk more about this. This is real stuff.

So King James always calls it the Tabernacle. But you're going to find here in a minute, that Moses, once he set that up, he called it the Tent of Meeting. He set it outside camp and gave it a name, Tent of meeting. And he said, "All who will meet with the Lord will go there".

This is a real specific thing you need to learn to do with God. We all pray. I pray walking down the sidewalk. That's not Tent of Meeting.

The Tent of Meeting is when you get really alone, really isolated, and you really know that you are going to spend some hours or days here and you're going to meet personally with God and he's going to show up. And he started doing that for me because I found it in my bible and believed he would show up, and he did. And we've been living this way ever since. And it's gotten pretty deep. And that's what this is all about -- to teach you.

The cloud covered the Tent of Meeting. The glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. Moses wasn't even able to enter the tent of meeting because the cloud would go up on it and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle. We won't talk about the glory tonight. We don't have time. We'll talk about the cloud.

This happens to me all the time. And there are times where I get to where I can't stand up because of its -- it's dense -- its thickness. And so let me tell you what Strong's Concordance says about the cloud. This is the word for cloud. Darkness.

I'm sorry. This is the word for thick. Okay. The thick, dark cloud. "Darkness, dense cloud, thick, heavy, laden". And that's exactly how I feel when I get going in this, and God descends. It says he descends, right? He descends into the living room or the garden or wherever I am with him, and it gets heavy and thick. It's just like you have fifty-pound flour sacks on each shoulder and it's the laden thickness and God's talking to you. He talks to you out of the cloud. We'll read that in a minute. And he reaches a point where he just, you're sweating. You're just worn out, "See you tomorrow. I have to go to bed". And you go to bed.

So these are real. Manifesting God in your space. This is what this is all about. It's good to go to church and sing songs. We're talking a different plane here.
Let's read more about the cloud. Psalms 99, "Moses and Aaron were among his priests. Samuel also was among those who called on his name. They cried to the Lord and he answered them".

Listen to this. "He spoke to them in the pillar of cloud". Keynote that.
Next one. Deuteronomy, chapter 4:36. "He let you hear his voice". We're talking about hearing his voice. Not the still small voice, but God's manifested voice. "He let you hear his voice that he might discipline you."

Number 16:42. "Moses and Aaron turned towards the Tent of Meeting and behold the cloud covered it and the glory of the Lord appeared". They saw it.
Remember, I told you, it gets so bright I can't see the walls. That's why you pick a place that you're going to be safe in. Keep the door locked.

First Kings, 8-10, "A cloud filled the house of the Lord so that the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord.
Now, here's Solomon. Then Solomon said, "The Lord set the sun and the heavens, but has said that he would dwell in the thick darkness".

Okay. Clouds, darkness, and now God's dwelling in that.

Psalms 18:11, "God made darkness his covering around him, his canopy thick dark clouds. The Lord thundered in the heavens, the most high uttered his voice".
We hear that.

Mark 9, this is when Jesus appeared with Peter and James up the high mountain. And Jesus knew how to do Tent of Meeting. He gave them the example of this. We call it the transfiguration, which means physically change, going through a change. But it was actually Jesus entering a Tent of Meeting in the presence of Peter.

Hey, you know, he's watching him do this. So the point is for today verse seven, "And a cloud overshadowed them", Jesus and Peter and James. "The cloud overshadowed them and a voice came out of the cloud. 'This is my beloved son. Listen to him'."

So do you see how there is a law in the Bible that we haven't been paying attention to because we've been thinking wrongly about this new covenant stuff. We need to point back to this and say, "Well, what happened then should happen now". And that's what I did at age 17. I thought, well, if Abraham talked to angels, they should talk to me, too, so that began to happen. Well you know if Abraham and the Lord they all talked, well, that should happen to me, too. So this happens. Well, then I found this. And I said, "God, why we've been missing it. I've never been taught this".

So I said, "God, I'm going to get alone with you, and I am going to experience this special room called the tabernacle where you're coming into this physical manifested state with me, and you're pulling me into the spirit world so that my spirit eyes are opened and the angels talk to me, and Jesus talks to me, and you speak to me face-to-face as a friend. "It's right here. "God, it's right here". And I went through all of these references with God and I said "I don't know of a soul out there doing this but I am going to believe it". And because I did, God started showing up. And it's been getting deeper and deeper and deeper.

And what this Tent of Meeting experience is for, is for you and God to get a one-to-one personal, closed door, manifested presence you feel. It soaks in your couches. I'll share some experiences with you. And the little glories that tinkle down, little gold and white snowflakes that just swirl all around you and they appear to other people as a consuming fire. I have actually made mistakes when I didn't understand all the scriptures about how to handle a Tent of Meeting and protect that space when I leave and I go walk around the block and people just get a terrified look on their face and run. And I didn't know why at first, but I learned. So I'm going to share in this series how you can meet with God, see him, hear his voice, feel his presence. And you're going to have to learn to stand up under it.

There are some things you need to learn how to do. Like don't lean on a pulpit, and don't hunker down. Imagine flour sacks on your shoulder. I will teach you. You'll hear his voice. You will save lives. You will have miracles going through your life all the time. And I'm going to share a lot of those experiences with you guys in this series, saving President Reagan's life, standing in Jimmy Carter's bedroom looking at all the world leaders in the spirit. I'll tell you what God told me to declare that prevented that next war. Saving my friend's life. Two rock stars that I've never met and what God told me to do with them in the spirit. One of them had three days to live and got miraculously healed and walked out of the hospital. And he was in Europe. This Tent of Meeting -- you do everything in your life around what God and you do in this private space. Yeah, it's real. It's dangerous to others. I'll share some of that with you. Tune in next time.