Our Mission:

      The TENT OF MEETING is the very core of our Covenant with God. As Moses said, "Everyone who meets with God would go there." Our world mission is to bring the Church back into the TENT OF MEETING where each one of you personally meets with God, feels His Presence, sees His manifested Glory, and hears His Voice.

      Our mission is to take this message to the world.

      Our ministry team includes ministers, media professionals, biblical consultants and research analysts.

      About our online messages and presentations:

      The Bible states that the gospel is free. We do not charge for anything. The messages and presentations on our site are for your edification. You may view and listen to them online. You have our permission to download them, copy them, and share them with others – as long as you do it free with no charge. You may not modify or change or sell any material from this site.

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